From the creator of the popular Disney Channel original movie, Jump In! comes a double Dutch novel perfect for fans of stories about sports, summer, and friendship.   


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Karen Y.

 “This first novel is a welcome addition to the body of humorous, realistic sports books and is an excellent purchase for all middle school libraries. Kayla's struggles with family, friends, and teammates will captivate readers, and her love of double dutch might cause some of them to dust off their jump ropes!"  

Ms. Yingling Reads

Barbara Harrison, B.J. Waymer Associates, Inc.

"Love Double Dutch is a great read. It made me laugh out loud at times and feel true empathy for Kayla and Sally and others. You've found a magical way to help young girls and boys navigate through a variety of difficult feelings and real-life circumstances the world will throw at them. Your characters provide situational options that allow young readers to learn life's lessons through the adventures of kids they’d want to be friends with. I instantly knew which tween character was channeling my inner 13-year-old self, and can’t wait to see where you will take us all in your next book. I love, Love, LOVE Double Dutch."

N. B. True, Local 237, NY, NY

  “It is such a wonderful book. I loved it and am already thinking of young adults to share it with.  I can't wait until it's published!"   

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The competitive world of double Dutch is fascinating.

Hoover Public Library Kids and Teens

Good Reads

The writing is great, it made me feel I like I was back in Brooklyn. All the upcoming double Dutch jumpers are going to love it and they will relate. Thumbs up to the writer.

Vanessa R.

Amazon Customer  

This is an exciting book that teaches some solid values without being "preachy".

Keitha B.

Amazon Customer

Good Reads

The middle school crowd will enjoy this book - it has just enough heart and just enough middle school drama for its readers. I enjoyed learning more about double Dutch through this read.

Michele K.

Good Reads

A book you will love to read and talk about.

This book talks about overcoming problems and creating friendships and renewing them. I loved how it got personal. Kayla has a lot of obstacles but she overcomes every single one with help from Sally, Melissa, and Tina. If you’re thinking about reading this, you definitely should.


Good Reads

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